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Zhejiang Shengfeng Auto Parts Co.,Ltd

ShengFeng Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.Founded in 1994.Is a specialized production each kind of automobile spare part enterprise.In the last few years, is indebted the social from all walks of life support and the deep affection, the enterprise can rapidly develop.Company’s management structure and system perfect, produces and examines the facility to be advanced, conforms to the modern enterprise capably, the highly effective goal.Company oneself has the certain research development ability, And has healthily set up the technical cooperation relations with the domestic many high levels scientific research unit. Have provided the reliable backing for the product renewal and the technology advancement. 

This company produces the date drills sign filter best-selling each place, and exports Southeast Asia and the Americas market, has won the domestic and foreign merchants favor.This company always take the science and technology as the forerunner, the apparent mass is a life, renews the equipment and the introduction specialized technology talented person unceasingly,Makes the enterprise to expand unceasingly, now the shape Chengji has designed, the development, the production, the sale is a body modern management operation system.

Since our company has founded ersisted carries out"Strives for the survival by the quality, strives for the development by the prestige"Management idea trengthens the business management unceasingly, comprehensively implements the ISO9001 quality control and the quality guarantee standard;Worship"Enterprise humanist" omprehensively improves the staff quality, pays great attention to carries on the thought moral education and specialized skill training to the staff,Raises the staff "Deeply loves the post,the unity is enterprising"enterprise spirit diligently;Various formats carries out, the richly colorful cultural entertainment activity,Influences the staff sentiment, thus strengthened enterprises cohesive force and the centripetal force, fully unfolds presently to melt the enterprise good energetic style.

Our company persisted throughout the quality first, serves first, the price reasonable management objective, is willing with the general customers hand in hand to advance together, with starts an undertaking t

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